Worried because mom lives alone?

Get the peace of mind you need.

CheckMED® it's the best solution to take care of those you love, even from a distance.

CheckMED® is an easy-to-use system for constantly monitoring and recording the health status of a person in need of assistance. It consists of only two elements:

A device to be worn by the person who needs assistance.

A web platform and an app for smartphones or tablets.

Why CheckMED®?

CheckMED® is a complete remote care system that offers concrete help to:

Those suffering from hypertension

because it measures blood pressure automatically and accurately.

Those suffering from respiratory problems

because it measures the level of oxygen saturation in the blood and the respiratory rate.

Insomnia sufferers

because it measures sleep stages.

Who suffers from feverish states

because it measures body temperature constantly.

Those suffering from heart problems

because it is able to detect heart rate and blood pressure which are the main parameters to keep under control.

How does CheckMED® work?

The person in need of assistance has simply to wear the device and have a latest generation smartphone or tablet on which to install the app.


The CheckMED® device is an advanced instrument that has within it a sensor system specially designed to provide automatic, accurate and clinically valid measurements of the main vital parameters.


The device constantly transmits data to devices via Bluetooth to create an archive and allow medical staff, patients and family members to easily consult in real time via app or cloud platform.

Main features

Remote parameter monitoring

CheckMED® allows you to automatically and accurately measure body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation level and respiratory rate. Monitor sleep, sedentary lifestyle and stress level. Create reports in pdf format to send to the doctor.

Therapy reminders

CheckMED® allows you to set up treatment plans and reminder alerts so that your doctor’s prescriptions are met.

It can be interfaced with Google Home® and Alexa®. In this case, for example, it interrupts the program on the TV to show the memo.

Internal chat

CheckMED® has a convenient internal chat through which users and family members can interact in case of need or exchange of documentation.

"Thanks to the automatic reminders of CheckMed® my patients are able to respect the treatment plans

Dr.ssa Peretz
General medicine

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Frequently Asked Questions

Screen made of tempered glass, transparent and resistant to daily wear and tear. Zinc alloy frame with comfortable pad, light and sturdy, scratch resistant and wear resistant. An end result that brings a sense of beauty and quality.

200mAh large capacity battery, which allows you not to worry about charging the device every day

Our product’s therapy reminders consist of a vibration on your IOT device, a song alert on your smartphone, and via popular smart home devices such as Alexa or Google Home. In this case, for example, we interrupt the program on the TV to show the warning. With our solution increases the complicity to the therapy ensuring an efficient and effective therapy

Yup! We make online consultations simple and efficient by using smartphones to connect doctors and patients. This technology is also ideal for informing the family of the patient’s state of health.

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