Do you want to reduce users' hospitalization times?

Monitor them remotely.

CheckMED® is the best solution to monitor users from home as if they were in the facility.

CheckMED® is an easy-to-use system to constantly monitor and record the health status of your users. It consists of only two elements:

A device to be worn by people who need to remain under observation.

A customizable web “Control Room” where monitor vital parameters.

Why CheckMED®?

CheckMED® is a complete remote care system that offers concrete help to nursing homes, rest homes, insurance companies and para-hospital facilities to be more efficient and increase the level of service for their users.

Efficiency in user management

CheckMED® makes many check-ups unnecessary because it allows you to monitor users remotely.

Increase in therapeutic compliance

Thanks to CheckMED® it is possible to set up therapeutic plans and reminder alerts so that the prescriptions are respected.

System customization

CheckMED® can be customized to fit the specific needs of the facility.

How does CheckMED® work?

The user simply needs to wear the device and have a latest generation smartphone or tablet on which install the app.


CheckMED® device is an advanced instrument that has within it a sensor system specially designed to provide automatic, accurate and clinically valid measurements of the main vital parameters.


The device constantly transmits data to devices via Bluetooth to create an archive and allow facility staff easy real-time consultation via the control room.

Main features

Remote parameter monitoring

CheckMED® allows you to automatically and accurately measure body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation level and respiratory rate. Monitor sleep, sedentary lifestyle and stress level. Create reports in pdf format.

Therapy reminders

CheckMED allows you to set up treatment plans and reminder alerts to ensure that your prescriptions are met.

It can be interfaced with Google Home® and Alexa®. In this case, for example, it interrupts the program on the TV to show the memo.

Internal chat

CheckMED® has a convenient internal chat through which staff, patients and family members can interact in case of need or exchange of documentation.

"I have several users who use CheckMed and I can finally monitor them without having to come to the facility."

Aileen Ambel

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You can manage a certain number of devices

Yup! We make online consultations simple and efficient by using smartphones to connect doctors and patients. This technology is also ideal for informing the family of the patient’s state of health.

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