Complete remote care system


VAT Included

System consisting of an IOT Device and app for smartphone, designed to provide automatic, accurate and clinically valid measurements of main vital parameters.

Main features

Vital parameter measurement
CheckMED® allows automatic, continuous and accurate measurement of body temperature, blood pressure, Oxygen saturation and respiration rate. It Monitors sleep, sedentary lifestyle and stress level.

Additional wristband for accurate blood pressure measurement
The second wristband allows highly accurate blood pressure measurements as a classical sphygmomanometer would do.

Immediate alert in case of abnormal parameters
CheckMED® alerts in real time the patient, family members and doctor if the parameters are abnormal.

Create and export data reports in pdf
CheckMED® allows you to select the period of measurement and to create a pdf report with the history of measured values to send to your doctor.

Treatment plans and therapies reminders
Thanks to CheckMED®, it is possible to set up therapy plans, reminder and alerts to ensure that the doctor’s prescriptions are followed. It can interface with Google Home® and Alexa®, for exsample, interrupting TV programmes and displaying the reminder.

Internal chat
Chat system to interact with family members and doctors.

The App Interface

Web Interface

interfaccia pc checkMED

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